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About the Series

“The purpose of MANTRA-6 is to destroy or greatly degrade the capacity of the leadership of terrorist organisations and that of the ‘underworld’, such as mafia and NARCO organisations.”
John Devereaux.

John Devereaux and his team are missioned to strengthen Australia’s foreign policy objectives through clandestine operations with the particular use of violent, deniable covert action. Nothing they do is sanctioned by the government. Two operations pave the way for the MANTRA-6 program to fully realise its potential.
‘Brimstone’ throws John into the shady and powerful world of the Russian Mafia, and ‘Nitrate’ brings together John and his ‘select’ team of agents as they work to prevent the delivery of cargo that is poised for great destruction on selected cities around the world.
The MANTRA-6 series takes the reader deep within the genuine life and death issues of myriad global threats, where ALL options, overtly or covertly, are considered when going up against those who engage in these diabolical activities.
Get set for a heady ride, as MANTRA-6’s actions from this point forward could prevent a future war and most importantly save hundreds of thousands of lives – John and his team must uncover the often-hidden characters who operate in the shadows of evil enterprises and deal with them any way they can … If you want peace, prepare for war.
The author cleverly weaves some of these options into a plot that is frankly more realistic than most readers could ever imagine; or, governments would ever acknowledge.

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