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During his down time in Afghanistan, author Russel Hutchings began putting words down on paper. That manuscript would later become his first novel in a series of thriller/espionage stories known as MANTRA-6.

Russel is a former Warrant Officer in the SAS where he served for over 20 years as an Operator. His novels, draw of his experience as an SAS operative and  from his experience in the information collection arena where he worked for an additional 15 years. His career saw him working in some of the world's most dangerous locations - that experience is seen in his novels and soon to be seen on the big screen.


In 2021, Mantra-6 Productions Pty. Ltd. (M6P) was formed.  It's two founders, Graeme Coleman and Russel Hutchings, established the company to develop the MANTRA-6 novels into feature films.


M6P plans to make a film franchise starting with MANTRA-6 'BRIMSTONE'.


M6P has a completed script written by award winning screenwriter, Zdenka Simandlova, and is in the process of securing tier one actors for the film.

The film will be Directed by award winning Director, Storm Ashwood.

M6P plans to make the film in Australia and Thailand to maintain authenticity.


It is envisaged that Pre-Production for the 'BRIMSTONE' will commence in the 2nd Quarter of 2023. 

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