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John Devereaux and his MANTRA-6 team are now fully operational.
On the frozen landscape of Northern Russia, four figures dressed in arctic camouflage uniforms, break into the Polyarny Naval Base near Murmansk – Home of Russia’s Northern Fleet. Their mission, to steal 60kg of highly enriched Uranium-235 and hand it over to the Russian Mafia.
Rogue nations and despots – North Korea, Libya, Iran, Al-Qa’Ida, Hamas and Hezbollah, all want their hands on this lethal cargo… Let the bidding begin!
MANTRA-6 is on the hunt.
God help anyone who gets in their way!


For every purchase of NITRATE from the MANTRA-6 website, you will get, absolutely free, one Limited Edition MANTRA-6 NITRATE Challenge Coin.

NITRATE (Signed Copy)

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