John Devereaux and his MANTRA-6 team are now fully operational.

On the frozen landscape of Northern Russia, four figures dressed in arctic camouflage uniforms, break into the Polyarny Naval Base near Murmansk – Home of Russia’s Northern Fleet. Their mission, to steal 60kg of highly enriched Uranium-235 (U-235) and hand it over to the Russian Mafia.


Rogue nations & despots – North Korea, Libya, Iran, Al-Qa’Ida, Hamas & Hezbollah, all want their hands on this murderous cargo… Let the bidding begin!


MANTRA-6 is on the hunt.

God help anyone who gets in their way!



Praise for Russel Hutchings


“The dramatic crossroads depicted in this novel are where fiction meets reality. The scenario expertly laid out in this thriller is quite real. The inherent risks are genuine.

A must-read.”

-Richard Jacobson – Former Senior CIA Operations Officer-


“Closer to reality than you think”

Mark J Laris - Chief Nuclear Engineer


“The deeper you go into espionage, the darker it gets”

-Lt. Col. Riccardo Bosi – Former SAS Regt-


“The authenticity of this heart-pumping action thriller can only come from someone who is a long-serving SAS veteran”

-Vince Long – Former SAS Regt-


“Astounding!  An awesomely crafted, high-octane novel from start to finish”

-Lt. Col. Warren Young CSC (Rtd) – Former 1 CDO Regt.


“One of the most gripping and authentic reads in recent years”

-Mark V. Lonsdale.  Director Specialised Tactical Training Unit - (USA)


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