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MANTRA-6 'NITRATE' the follow up from 'BRIMSTONE' is well underway in the writing process. 


John Devereaux and his MANTRA-6 (M6) team are now fully operational.

On the frozen landscape of northern Russia, four figures dressed in arctic camouflage uniforms break into Polyarny Naval Base near Murmansk - home of Russia’s northern fleet. Their mission, to steal 60kg of highly enriched Uranium-235 (U-235) and hand it over to the Russian mafia -
the Vory V Zakone.

















The U-235 is placed on the black market for the highest bidder... rogue nations & despots - North Korea, Libya, Iran,

Al-Qa’eda, Hamas  & Hezbollah, all want their hands on this murderous cargo.














As the action careens between Russia, France, Greece, Italy and Australia, M6 and the Vory V Zakone soon meet at a deadly crossroads. ASIS Tradecraft & deadly SAS skill sets are in play to recover the U-235 and to destroy the

Vory V Zakone operations on the French Riviera.


M6 is on the hunt - God help anyone who gets in their way!



























Last year I read a novel called Mantra-6 Brimstone, I believe it was the first novel in the Mantra-6 series, written by new author Russel Hutchings. Brimstone was such a great read I finished the book in three days. Hutchings certainly has a very different way of writing – it’s very much in your face, and some might say very 'Politically Incorrect' – How refreshing to see a writer like this.

On Monday my wife purchased the next book in the series called Mantra-6 ‘Nitrate’ and I have just finished reading it last night. For me, Nitrate was an awesome book from start to finish. Hutchings continues his no holds barred writing style, which is more akin to taking you on John Devereaux’s (the main character) missions. It’s almost like you are side by side with the Mantra-6 team on that very mission as the descriptive writing is so good, that you feel you are there. His writing is like being on a time-line, rather than jumping all over the place with twisting plots that mostly get lost in the pages. Nitrate takes you ON THE MISSION, step by step and the story unfolds in front of you making you wonder what could be next. It keeps you on board wanting to turn the next page.

In Nitrate, which follows on perfectly from ‘Brimstone’, we see that John Devereaux’s team (MANTRA-6) is going full throttle to save the world from such evil in the guise of the Russian Mafia and despots in a bidding war for Uranium-235 in order to build their own nuclear weapons.
Like ‘Brimstone’, Hutchings takes us on a wild ride through Europe, Moscow and Australia, where action and espionage tradecraft go hand in hand.

It is obvious in Hutchings’ writing that he writes with conviction. Having looked at his biography, I see his real-life experience of working in the SAS for over 20 years, certainly shows in each line he writes. His credibility as a writer and someone who has actually lived the life in the shadows most certainly shines in his work.

If you love spy novels like that of Robert Ludlum’s Bourne series, or novels by John le Carre, Tom Clancy and Chris Ryan, you are going to love Mantra-6 Nitrate and the series so far. I highly recommend it. I have to give Nitrate 5 Stars – what an adrenaline shot. I can see this series as a movie someday!










The Australian version of Chris Ryan has let the black cat out of the nuclear bag on this one. Eat your heart out Tom Clancy! It is a veritable textbook on filibustering with just about every aspect of covert special operations covered in one form or another. Ungentlemanly warfare at its very best; even the scent of sex. I liken the sequence of stories to a one-stop-shop on a boys (and girls) own adventure; from the farm to the city.

It is an incredibly well researched expose of the dark art with just about every mission profile that you can think of and with very detailed descriptions of equipment including Armani suits, sophisticated techniques and electronic procedures to boot. It is perhaps a little far-fetched in a few places for those that have not been anointed, but what is wrong with a bit of escapism in a factional account. Indeed, the foreword by a former American spy chief that it is closer to reality than you think, sends a chilling message to the reader.

I just loved the prelude as the cross-border decapitation operation breaks every rule in the old play-book, with a dash of larrikinism. It just gets even better after that build-up as the ex-Regiment team comes together and goes to action. There is no redaction in the text, and it is no holds barred when it comes to urban rendezvous, technical surveillance, safe houses, vehicle pursuit, tradecraft, combat swimming, sex in the shower, arse-clinching close target reconnaissance, assassinations of the criminals and evil diplomats, bombings in night clubs and sanctioned money laundering. Towards the end, there is even some high-level political ineptitude by the grandmasters. The story is entirely off radar, completely off-grid and far off-reservation; the way these operations should be.

The book should be read by every Operative and Operator seeking deniable and highly-paid employment beyond the uniformed realms of the Regiment. It should also be read by Political Cabinets in the West who now realize that there is no point fighting wars that no longer exist, with rules that no longer apply on both sides. One thing is for certain; the book is being read by the mafia, organized crime, and governments and their secret agencies who hate the West.